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Who are they?

Ilfracombe group
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This photograph was found behind one of Sir Henry Carew, 9th Baronet (see Footprints in the Sand: The Story of the Carews of Devon 1086-1945). The photo appears to have been taken in Ilfracombe, Devon, UK, probably early in the 19th century. Ilfracombe is a seaside resort on the North Devon coast. It has a small harbour. Maybe these were dockworkers.

We would love to find out the names of the people in the group. If you know who they are, please email: footrpints@cantab.net, and put Ilfracombe group in the subject line of your email.

We will link the names to the photo, and make a list of the people on this page. If you would like to give detail about what the person did, where and when they were born, and lived, that would be wonderful. It would be great to bring these people 'alive' again, after more than a hundred years.