Harry the Spider

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Harry the Spider  
Author & Illustrator
Ian & Laura Anderson

Ian and Laura Anderson have enjoyed writing this children's book. Ian wrote it for his son, Benedict, when he was 3 years old. Laura loved the story, and she drew the illustrations as a surprise for Ian. The finished book grew out of that collaboration. You'll notice she's very good at drawing flies!

Harry the Spider tells the story of a spider who wants to go to sleep. He's very tired, but he has some very noisy neighbours. Read the book to discover who these noisy neighbours are!

Where to purchase

Harry the Spider was published in 2020. The book is available as an ebook and as an Amazon paperback.

The ebook is available on Amazon Kindle in the UK, and the US, and in all Kindle stores throughout the world.

The paperback version is currently available through Amazon only, in the UK, and the US, and in most Kindle stores throughout the world.

Press & Reviews

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