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Merlin, the cat, tells the story of his troubles at home. He loves Angie, but simply hates her husband, Dick. Unfortunately for Merlin, Dick seems to understand what he's thinking. The cat is constantly in trouble. He decides he's had enough, and packs to leave home. But his plan doesn't work out quite the way he wished!

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Catalogue was published in 2013. The book has been published in two formats: e-book and Amazon paperback.

The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle in the UK, and the US, and in all Kindle stores throughout the world.

A paperback version is currently available through Amazon only, in the UK, and the US, and in most Kindle stores throughout the world.


Mari Law - A must-read for cat lovers! - Goodreads 5*
Merlin, a fantastic feline character, has a BIG personality - one that I did not initially warm to despite the immediate injection of humour due to his anger issues. But, like with any good story, we get a deeper understanding of what has driven Merlin's behaviour and thought processes as the tale progresses. This book is just a bundle of laughs from start to finish. And, when it did end, I was left wanting more. Very witty and cleverly written. Well done, Merlin! I highly recommend it.
Merlin says: Mari Law, you're just the BEST! I LOVE you for this marvellous review, which of course I deserved, but not everybody gets me. ;-)

vicki in sc - I thought it was... - Amazon 5*
I thought it was a great book. I have cats and loved the way the author portrayed Merlin and his actions along with his people.
Merlin says: Thank you Vicki from SC! I think YOU'RE great! High Five!

Alexandra Dean - Catalogue - Amazon 4*
Not a bad little book. As the owner of a cat it appealed to me but it could have been funnier and longer.
Merlin says: Ooops, dammed with faint praise.

Niamh - Inside the mind of Merlin the Cat- hilarious stuff! - Amazon 5*
Merlin has such sharp whit and claws! This is such a funny book, from Merlin remarking the cat flap must have shrunk with all the rain (not from his increasing weight of course), and not understanding why humans would actually want to get wet when they go for showers. Absolutely hilarious stuff!!
Merlin says: thank you Niamh. You understand me COMPLETELY! *****Five Stars*** to you too!

Midwife - a catalogue of fun - Amazon 5*
Life from the cat's view. Very funny - made me laugh such a lot. I felt like I was Merlin the cat. I really got into his point of view. I think this is suitable for all ages. A really good read. Hope Merlin lives a long time and we have more of his stories.
Merlin says: I'm still here, Midwife! Watch this space!

Susan Bailey - ok - Amazon 3*
Merlin says: Oh dear, I'm cut to the quick, but Momma says there are ups and downs in life, and I need to take this in my stride. Sniff.

Kindle Customer - Lacked Substance - Amazon 2*
Quite disappointing. Expected a little more from this book but, sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations. Sadly lacking.
Merlin says: Poop! I don't agree!

Teresa - Extraordinario, un humor ingenioso de los que ya no se encuentran - Amazon 5*
Se trata de la vida de un gato desde su punto de vista y cómo ve él a los humanos.
El sentido del humor es excelente, no he parado de reírme y eso es algo que hacía meses que no me pasaba con ningún libro.
Está escrito en inglés pero el vocabulario es sencillo.
Lo recomiendo completamente.
Merlin says: Graçias Teresa!

translation from Spanish to English:
It's about the life of a cat from his point of view and how he sees humans.
The sense of humor is excellent, I have not stopped laughing and that's something I haven't spent months with any book. I highly recommend it.
Merlin says: Thank you Teresa! You have great taste and understanding!


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