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Romantic and humorous, with a chilling climax, this novel draws the reader into life in the University city of Cambridge, England. Edward Holroyd, a university academic, marries impetuously and brings his bride to the city. His wife's delight with her surroundings, and amusement at the academics she had imagined would be crusty and boring, slowly fades as she realises Edward is keeping a secret from her.

Anni makes a friend of his cousin, Maud, librarian at the Department of Environmental Sciences. Maud begins to pull back the veil on Edward's demons, but a burglary in the Department and an unexpected deposit in the Library, interrupt her story.

The pace gathers momentum as tensions and emotions build. A murder is committed and Anni finds herself at the centre of events that lead up to a disturbing conclusion.

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Cambridge Red was published in 2012. The book has been published in two formats: e-book and Amazon paperback.

The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle in the UK, and the US, and in all Kindle stores throughout the world.

A paperback version is currently available through Amazon only, in the UK, and the US, and in most Kindle stores throughout the world.

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