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A difficult beginning to a holiday in New York turns into a romantic mystery adventure for a young Irish tourist. She witnesses a man jumping from the Ellis Island ferry just before it docks at Manhattan. Dazed and shocked, she picks up the coat he dropped on the deck of the boat and only becomes aware of it when she is sitting on the subway, halfway back to her hotel. In the pocket of the coat she finds a pencilled note which reads: "Meet me in Hopatcong. Wear Pink". Other items in the pockets hold possible clues to the man's identity and a mystery beyond the incident on the ferry.

After an unusual introduction, Neasa joins forces with the young man staying in the room next to hers. Alex is an English tourist. They decide to try and solve the mystery together and Neasa is delighted to find a companion to spend time with. Alex, however, is not what he seems.

The FBI arrives on the scene and tensions soar. Agent James Fox pursues Neasa and Alex into New Jersey, and their adventure takes unexpected turns.

A chance meeting in New York leads to a gradual unfolding of the mystery and a very unexpected outcome.

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Meet me in Hopatcong was published in 2017. The book has been published in two formats: e-book and Amazon paperback.

The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle in the UK, and the US, and in all Kindle stores throughout the world.

A paperback version is currently available through Amazon only, in the UK, and the US, and in most Kindle stores throughout the world.

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