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Siobhán Carew

Siobhán Carew ...

was born in Dublin, Ireland. In search of adventure, she emigrated to Australia where she worked for a while. It is a wonderful country but the very hot weather defeated her and she returned to Ireland, and wandered for a while until eventually settling in the UK. She now lives north of Cambridge, with a husband, and a bad-tempered cat.


Siobhán worked for the Irish Dancing Commission in Dublin, and this was one of her favourite jobs as she was required to travel to exotic Irish locations (such as Tralee and Galway) for All-Ireland and World championships. The music and the dancing were wonderful to listen to and watch. Adding more variety to her CV, Siobhán took a job working for Radio Teilifís Eireann in Dublin, moving, after a while, to their London office. She has worked for the University of London and the University of Cambridge, but now focusses entirely on writing (unless her husband persuades her to help on the farm!).

Writing crime novels was not what Siobhán thought she would ever do, but she enjoys teasing out the plot and characters. Siobhán doesn't limit herself to crime fiction, however. Meet me in Hopatcong is a mystery adventure set in New York and New Jersey. CATalogue (see below) was a fun project, and there is another cat-authored book in progress.

Siobhán is a member of the Society of Authors, and secretary of the Cambridge Writers group.



Cambridge Red
Romantic and humorous, with a chilling climax, this novel draws the reader into life in the University city of Cambridge, England. Edward Holroyd, a university academic, marries impetuously and brings his bride to the city. His wife's delight with her surroundings, and amusement at the academics she had imagined would be crusty and boring, slowly fades as she realises Edward is keeping a secret from her. A murder is committed and Anni finds herself at the centre of events that lead up to a disturbing conclusion.
Cambridge Green
When DCI Anne Fountain phones newly appointed Detective Inspector Harry Meredith with news of a murder, he is surprised to learn that his first case will take him back to the Cambridge college he graduated from. A body has been found in the Fellow's Garden of St Benedict's College. The story is peppered with feisty and funny characters, who help and hinder the investigation. No one, however, can avert the tragic conclusion.
Cambridge Rose
Rose Foster meets Ronnie Lyndon when she begins a master's degree in Cambridge. A relationship blossoms. Rose is still reeling from the death of a beloved aunt. Is life now on the up? Just when she thinks it might be, Rose is plunged into a terrifying situation. DI Harry Meredith has been investigating the kidnapping of a wealthy diplomat's daughter. When he discovers another university student is missing, Harry becomes concerned. Is Rose's disappearance purely a coincidence, or is there something more sinister afoot?
Meet me in Hopatcong
A difficult beginning to a holiday in New York turns into a romantic mystery adventure for a young Irish tourist. She witnesses a man jumping from the Ellis Island ferry just before it docks at Manhattan. Dazed and shocked, she picks up the coat he dropped on the deck of the boat and only becomes aware of it when she is sitting on the subway, halfway back to her hotel. In the pocket of the coat she finds a pencilled note which reads: "Meet me in Hopatcong". A chance meeting in New York leads to a gradual unfolding of the mystery and a very unexpected outcome.
Merlin, the cat, tells the story of his troubles at home. He loves Angie, but simply hates her husband, Dick. Unfortunately for Merlin, Dick seems to understand what he's thinking. The cat is constantly in trouble. He decides he's had enough, and packs to leave home. But his plan doesn't work out quite the way he wished!
Details on how to obtain a copies of the books can be found on the individual book pages.
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